About us

At Waterproof Structures we pride ourselves in taking a holistic approach. We have invested heavily in research and development and continue to do so in order to produce industry leading, complete and integrated systems which compliment and sometimes include the design and installation of the construction and natural components which surround them.

The development of these innovative practices and complete system installations with particular focus on the long term functionality, aesthetic appeal and sustainible aspects, we believe has set an unrivalled standard in the industry.

Our installation team are trained to the highest level with attention to detail and the ability to solve problems on the spot being core strengths, add to this the fact that our entire staff are linked with the latest technology enabling instant detail or system information at the push of a button and you begin to understand our commitment to providing you with the best possible solution.
In addition to a holistic knowledge of construction which management possess and the depth of talent of our installers, we have significant experience in both the Resource and Building consent processes allowing an overall understanding of all the steps each individual project take's from early concepts to efficient functionality into the future.

No matter how large or small, our team can work with project designers and the construction team from start to finish ensuring a progressive solution is reached that will not only stand the test of time but will go easy on our fragile environment.

James Macalister, General Manager