Waterproof Structures is committed to reducing the impact the construction industry has on the environment. The incorporation of sustainable waterproofing products into your project could be easier and more cost effective than you imagined. Let us help you toward a step in the right direction.

Sustainable practices

- Solar reflectivity (products with up to 95% albedo/reflectivity).
- Urban heat island effect reductions.
- Capture and recycle of runoff.
- Increased energy efficient via reduction of thermal losses.
- Use of recycled materials where possible.
- Recycling of our own construction waste and packaging.
- Storm water control.
- Use of durable materials with long life spans.
- Use of construction materials that can be recycled where possible

Sustainably focused systems

- Site specific green/living roofs (BioRoof®)
- Ballasted roof systems for prolonged membrane life.
- Solar reflective membranes.
- Warm roof systems.
- Recyclable membranes.
- Membranes produced with recycled content.
- Potable water catchment.
- Substrate and design appraisal with regards to the above.


Waterproof Structures own complete and site specific living roof system, design appraised, installed and certified by Waterproof Structures.
A complete design appraisal and installation solution from one company.


- Substrate appraisal.
- Living roof Detail Appraisal.
- A site specific detail (if requested) including, the preferred waterproofing system and the living roof components.
- Waterproofing installation and living roof construction including installation of specific media and specific plants.
- Irrigation
- Maintenance
- Certification of all inorganic items.